So you can dedicate specific cross bar sets for non-battle things like gear sets, mounts, etc… and never worry about having to cycle a lot to get past them. There is a setting in the next section for whether it’s doing left/right or near/far. When you use Unlocked, the AOE’s placement is controller via Right Bumper + Left analog stick ( + ), though you can also use camera movement to make use of clever angles to move it. Set 3 is my WXHB. Please note that your configuration options are limited. For Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "PC+Controller as good as PS4 controls? Please note this doesn’t affect when you are mounted and get special mount actions. For you it’ll be Right/Left Bumper (unless you remap it). Everything has pros and cons, but if you practice enough, you can make whatever you pick be just as good as what someone else picked. That being said, the benefit of unlocked is that if you do prefer camera manipulation, and have an actual physical mouse, and you accidentally move it because you elbowed it or whatever (and thus the cursor with it), instead of having to take your hand off the controller to move the physical mouse to get the cursor back to the middle, you can just always leave the white spot in the middle and use camera manipulation still to target. This was on a Windows 8 64 Bit OS A few months ago, I bought a Razer Raiju controller. 3 cross bars = 48 skills/items for battle play. That being said, you can disable it here. Now I use gamepad mode and I have everything set the same between the 2 modes so that the only difference I have if I switch is the help text. If you’re in a window (like the inventory menu for example) and you press R3 , it cycles through different sizes. One thing a controller can’t do well is type. It’s easier and I would highly recommend using a mouse when it comes to configuring your game. When using the controller, players can navigate menus using the directional buttons. The only full uncustomizable difference is the help text. So at most you have to d-pad 4 times. Mass inventory management is faster on controller because there is a quick add without needing to have a submenu each time. Target Ring: Locked to Cursor or Unlocked. And machinists, just make a single macro to statusoff both Fey Wind and Arrow and you’ll never have to worry about them messing with your rotation again. The libraries are loaded inside something called the GAC (Global Assembly Cache), but those microsoft libraries can be overwritten by putting them inside the program folder of the program that uses them. Dodging ground markers is instinctive even with default controller configuration. Use Download for 64-bit. From there, turn on cycling, which will let you manually control whether you’re targeting enemies, all, friendlies, etc. Unlike Bumper targeting, Filter targeting is based solely on map left/right, and not distance. Configuring these options will be mentioned right after. But if you don’t, you’ll need to use the Virtual Mouse. While, once again, this is a cycle, so you can move from the 1st alliance to the last (3rd) alliance, and vice versa, somewhat quickly, it can be a lot to cycle though. Take part in an epic and ever changing FINAL FANTASY as you adventure and explore with friends from around the world. There will be a section at the end devoted to the debate for a more in-depth response, but the short answer is :You’re as good as what you practice to be good at. If you’re using an Xbox controller, or you just want to put the game in virtual mouse mode, you can do so by hitting L1+R3. Using Simultaneous and WXHB is far more comfortable and faster so that’s what I use. I don’t know if it’ll work for all controllers, but no harm in trying to see if it’ll recognize it without any special software first. So I have all of them disabled from tabbing during battle play (when weapon is sheathed). Nothing about the game changes whether you’re playing on PS4 with a controller, PC with an Xbox controller, or PC with a mouse and keyboard. For example, the Healer “Break” fits in that category. Unfortunately the driver for that controller is not great and there was no “dead zone “ on the right analog, which means the only way to stop the camera from moving was to literally be exactly on the center. For more details about use of the controller, see "Using the wireless controller". D-pad left/right: Filter targeting (filters are covered more in Part 9), + LB + d-pad left/right: Alliance other parties, LB or RB by themselves = “tab” targeting of enemies only (covered more in Part 8, which is the next section), Confirm targeting: When nothing is targeted, turns nearest target into hard target, When using d-pad targeting, turns soft target into hard target. By default, those are Draw Weapon/Lock On and Change Camera. In gamepad mode, keyboard shortcuts with letters/numbers no longer work and by default it will assume you are typing into the chat when you press a key (though that can be changed). Unless you really like Lock On, those are fairly useless (and could honestly be moved to macros you end up putting on your hotbars). Press one of the triggers ( or ) and then use the HUD button to enter edit mode. Front. Most jobs I end up repeating skills so that Simultaneous Triggers are the same in both directions – SCH is the only job where I actually use all 48 slots with unique actions. Example (for #2) – my WHM simultaneous trigger (both directions) set up: Which means that any simultaneous trigger activation, regardless of order, always gives me: Using #2 allows me the flexibility to have SCH and SMN (the only jobs where I feel it has enough buttons to warranty having a separate simultaneous triggers) do this: If you leave it as “Enable only 4 buttons”, you will only get half of the WXHB – the parts that use only the regular face buttons and not the D-pad. So many pages and yet I’m only now mentioning the cross hotbar! But in larger scale (and I include even 8x8x8, that’s a potential 16 enemies! Therefore GCDs need to be on the right hand since they are the most commonly used actions. I store Eos’ cross bar on Set 6 and Selene’s on Set 5, and I use a macro to put 5 or 6 into cross bar 1 when I summon them. Please note I will also call it Crossbar as a shorthand. People in gamepad mode will notice most of these on the various help text, but there might be a few new unwritten ones you will see. I will be covering most of the Character Config, such as targeting, in a different section. Now, Xinput has a variety of options and different software support different options. Installing the Drivers Step 1: Download the latest PS3 drivers here. The third option seems to work the same as the first option. You will also need to calibrate in-game. Make sure COM, DI, and PIDVID are all selected. Button 1 lighting button when I pressed it on my controller: It’s a little harder to tell for the Axis (the analog sticks), but just keep trying them until it works. If you want to record a specific moment, press the Share button twice, then once more to stop the recording. (Not everything is listed, but most are). I used to prefer Mouse mode before I realized all of the above. So if I want to engage, or use the d-pad to get to Disengage or Squadron Limit Break, I just need to stop activating my crossbar (let go of triggers) and it’ll know that my Confirm or D-pad presses will be used for the command menu. Totally doable. Square Enix, though, is uncompromising with its controller support. It may be faster for people who have a PS4 controller (or other controller with a working touchpad) to use the virtual mouse to target. Isn’t it inconvenient to have to keep using the HUD select button to get to it? Notice soft target has a highlight on party list, and target itself has a circle. This makes for some consistent uptime while dodging. I would highly recommend to keep everything as default except for L3 and R3. For KB players, that’s literally the tab key (unless they remap it). Entertainment and lifestyle for geeks who want to embrace their truest inner self. I also violate the 5-second OGCD rule because Bane is so situational, I think I can manage to remember whether it’s up or not without needing to see it (that and 10 seconds isn’t a huge CD). “Next” hand-ins (like Eureka, POTD, or Diadem lockboxes) are very tiring on mouse because constant index finger clicking is not a natural movement. Try Calibrating again. And that’s it! Here is some basic information about use of the controller. There isn’t much here that’s specific to cross hotbars, but if you’re a SCH/SMN, you probably want to read on and scroll to the “Pet Hotbar Display Settings” section. If you have the chat boxes selected (via the HUD Select button), you also get the following controls: If you are on the bar and press Confirm (which makes a cursor appear), you get different options: If you use both bumpers at the exact same time ( + ), it will also do Sheathe/Unsheathe. The other methods is called X-input, and that’s the newer input method microsoft made specifically for their xbox 360 controllers (and xbox one and I’ll assume future xbox console controllers as well). It really depends on what you’re doing. Use cancel button to leave the elemental wheel. “Tab” targeting (using the bumpers) and “Confirm” targeting (just hitting the confirm button with nothing actually targeted) are always hard targets. All you have to do is click share and then save screenshot right? It probably helps that I’m very good at controller buttons, being one of those weirdos who played the hardest difficulties of Guitar Hero on controller. They’re Microsoft programs that SE uses because they’re standard libraries that do things and it’s completely normal for game makers to use that so they don’t have to write their own. The required actions are always required and must always be a part of that group. With a mouse, you simply click on the enemy you want to target, but that’s not an option with a controller. Only if you’re being inefficient. For example my filter, which says “Engaged Enemies” in the config menu, will actually say “Battle” on the HP-area. And by that I meant that I had to use the Calibrate in the Game Controller -> Properties- > Settings -> Calibrate AND FF14’s Calibrate each time. If you have a mouse, that’s of course very easy. Doesn’t that make healing more difficult? If you have to move, you have your left hand occupied to move you. Enable the button combination you want and select what you want the filter to have. Go to the Game Settings tab in x360ce, click “Add…” and select ffxiv.exe and ffxiv_dx11.exe (the first one is DX9. I have played MMOs on mouse and keyboard before. There’s nothing special about this controller-wise. Part 20: Connecting a controller for PS4 version? My SCH Lucid is in the same combination as my AST lucid, as my BLM Lucid, as my SMN lucid.. When I tried my Switch controller in d-input it recognized and used it. Now, obviously you don’t have to do that. What you choose is up to your personal preference. Join 20 million adventurers worldwide and take part in an epic and ever-changing FINAL FANTASY. Obviously this doesn’t apply  to Scenario 3 because those are NPC hand ins and not a switch from an “original” inventory. It’s another way to have some dynamic crossbar editing. ‘Nuff said. Solution 1: Turn off unnecessary background programs. A “hard” target is one you’ve definitely chosen. Here’s an example of a macro that will put a ground AOE at my target – but if I have no target, it’ll put it on me: Note: always put macroicon last. Soft target that someone, use your action, bam, you’re automatically back on the boss. While S.E. Soft targeting is only available for targeting types that have d-pad. <3 you Controller Hero. (it’s also the command for exiting). Another basic character config relevant to controller play is Standard Type vs Legacy type (found in the Control Settings section). If you are in mouse mode and you like the idea of the system menu only showing up when you press the Menu button, you can do so by going to UI Settings and having Display Main Menu turned off. You can use the HUD Select button to get to it. So it is not a program that affects ff14 or anything from SE, nor does it use anything from FF14 (unlike ACT which while it doesn’t affect FF14, it does use its networking to read the logs). So if you’re using Mouse display, the most efficient way to refocus is using HUD select. Your key movements are as good as your hand size and arm movement accuracy. So Off = I can use keyboard shortcuts. Controls for people using the PS4 controller: Clicking the touchpad acts like the HUD Select button, Otherwise the touchpad is used to pretend it’s a mouse, Dragthe touchpad to move the virtual mouse, Tap the touchpad to click the left mouse button, Double tap and hold to do a left mouse button hold, Two-finger tap  to do a left mouse button hold + lock. The first option will have the cross hotbar and the normal pet hotbar. FINAL FANTASY XIV supports both keyboard/mouse and game pad controls, and you can easily switch between modes in the Character Configuration. Don’t give up if it feels clunky after playing for 1 hour. So sometimes it can be easier to target something specific via that. It’s only for using just RB to cycle across crossbars. Players can choose between 2 presets from the Controls menu in the game, but the game's controls are not customizable at launch. Of course you can! If you let the trigger go, it stays activated. Enter Gpose by using the chat to type in /gpose or map to your crossbar via a macro. Please note this doesn’t affect WXHB, double triggers, or using cross bar select ( + face button). Go to the settings tab and hit Calibrate: Once done, go back to the Test tab and try things out. Well, you can customize the 2 “default” filters – the one when you’re in battle and the one when you’re not. Final Fantasy XIV is easily one of the best MMORPGs on the market right now. Do you want to treat either direction the same or different? I actually kind of covered this in the targeting section so..I’ll just copy paste and rewrite it in case you skipped that section: 4-man parties are definitely not difficult to target. Overall, you’re looking at a maximum of 12 presses IF you’re being efficient with cycling. So if you have one, I would recommend that for assigning your actions. it will not use whatever else you normally have on R3 when it does this. While FF14 itself is installed in the 32-bit folders by default, DirectX11 is 64-bit, and as stated above this is not a program to alter FF14, but a program to alter Direct X, so you need that version. So x360ce needs to know which ones to pass to XInput to make it work with the options FF14 expects from xinput. PC players using DS4Windows may be able to remap these to have specific keyboard mappings for “swipe left” or “swipe right”, thus able to have more skills accessible. At one point instead of copying entire crossbars, I would just allocate actions into my crossbars via macros. Now that the technically correct answer is out of the way, let’s get into details. The next macros for controller will not be actual actions, but hotbar management. So if you’re moving from mouse to gamepad and are afraid of changing you config, everything in Character Config’s “Control”,”UI Settings” and “Hotbar settings” is stored independently for each mode. (if someone wanted to use bumpers and triggers to use actions and face buttons to activate a crossbar, for example, they cannot do that without 3rd party programs to essentially remap it and make the game believe those buttons are the other buttons). There’s this concept of a filter. Think of it this way: double tapping is super fast because it’s the same finger. Everything was already mentioned in the guide so far. I’ve put a red rectangle around the WXHB: WXHB is acquired by double tapping a trigger. If you are using Steam, open Steam Big Picture > Settings > Controller Settings > Uncheck “PS4 Configuration Support” if for some reason FF14 is acting like it’s an xbox 360 controller. I played for probably 50 hours before I figured out how to autorun with a controller. So put crossbar set 1 to allocate that one, set 2 to allocate that one, etc.. Annoying targeting for large scale content (raids and pvp and light/full party instances with a LOT of monsters to choose from IF you actually need to choose and not just use AOEs). So this section is specific to controller users. On the right: the filter when you are in battle. When you open it, it’ll create a x360ce.ini file and a DLL file, that’s the configuration file it stores to know how to convert it. Instant GCD is always on Right side’s X (Square) button. If someone wants to write that up, I’ll be very thankful. I’d played a lot of FFXI on my Xbox 360 and I loved having the option of laying on the couch in front … But if it has issues, like mine did (because Nintendo won’t release an official driver and whatever Microsoft has for my controller doesn’t work well), then x360ce is your friend. Display Hotbar help: Whether you see skill names when you push down on a trigger to select a side. If you had no hard target, it will become one. You’ll get used to it. That being said, having to move your hand to move the mouse or reach an F key in itself takes time, so it’s only as fast as your are. Sprint is my macro on R3. If you use “Mixed”, it’ll do both. This isn’t to say I don’t use hotbars – I do. Square Enix designed a control scheme that would allow a DualShock 3 (and later, DualShock 4 for the PS4 version) player to fully enjoy the game as it was designed, being able to access the many skills that a character would learn throughout his journey just as a mouse and keyboard player could. The Crossbar is a type of hotbar that is grouped in 4’s. Getting to the 2nd alliance’s tank can take around 9  – 12 presses depending on where you started from. Just move the analog in the direction you want to go.This is the main benefit of Controller. To enter virtual mouse mode, use + . I don’t play melees often, because I’m still leveling them and I only do that for about 1 hour a week, which makes it hard for me to remember directionals. Or you can move the d-pad DOWN (which will go from 8th to 1st) twice to get to the 2nd spot. They need to start doing mechanics right. Assign each half cross hotbar as desired. This isn’t to say you can’t play pvp well with a controller. Do note that all the differences between gamepad mode and mouse mode are default differences, they’re all customizable. These are my guidelines rules that I try to abide by, though there are of course exceptions if it made the job feel clunky in any manner. The next time you use an AOE, it’ll start from where you left that “white dot”. However, you will need to do some tweaking of the settings in order to make the most of the controller. Wait a second, you mean that if I’m in an 8-man party, I have to cycle 7 times!? I recommend leaving that tab open for the next step. If you have a mouse hooked up, of course feel free to use that. This is the section where we get to enable Simultaneous Triggers (both triggers together, either direction), as well as WXHB. As mentioned, playing on controller doesn’t mean giving up mouse and keyboard. Therefore even if you do not have a Mouse, you can still use this type of targeting if you prefer to control your AOE locations solely via the camera analog stick. If there was already another action in the new location, they will swap. If you don’t turn “PVP Settings” on (below), it’ll use the “PVE Settings”. Even if you panicked and forgot you can shortcut and end up doing 5-7 presses, it’s still pretty fast. I did set up the bars for all jobs assuming they’d be 70 and I did take some into POTD to at least test up to 60, but obviously I won’t know how good they are at max level until then. So if you want to take really pretty environment screenshots, do + ->. Outside of not having enough slots for skills, the biggest issue with playing on a controller is targeting enemies. Confirm targeting is by pressing the confirm button when you currently have nothing targeted. But thankfully, there are Extended Cross Hotbars in FFXIV, and they’re quite easy to use. X360ce is a program that edits the X-input portion of the Direct X library. When you click in your analog, that’s “3”. Final Fantasy XIV is fairly well suited for playing on controller and I would highly recommend trying it out. If I accidentally press RB by itself, it won’t change on me. You do need to switch into the crossbar first. So while in an alliance raid healing cross-party something that’s only done when things go wrong, in pvp going cross-party is pretty normal depending on how the party compositions/locations end up. Not really. We often recommend products we like. Usually in Simple mode. While that may seem like it should have been part 1, it’ll be a large section only applicable to users who are having difficulty. Alright, here’s the controversial part: what’s better M/KB v Controller? You will be terrible at controller play at first. Besides, in most 8-player content your single heals are primarily for the 2 tanks (which most healers would have in their 2nd and 3rd spot assuming you didn’t change default settings) and most DPS are healed via AOE heals unless they mess up or are chosen for a mechanic. You want to give yourself enough time that you can double tap comfortably, but not so much that you’ll accidentally “double tap” when switching triggers. It was a fun experiment.). The reason I got an MMO mouse (originally for WoW) is because I have small hands so reaching for both Ctrl + the keys hotbar is really uncomfortable. You can greatly customize your keyboard layout. When you use the d-pad left/right , it does filter targeting. As a controller player, I use my mouse and keyboard not just for chatting, but for also for PVP and crafting – and sometimes for playing when I forgot to recharge my controller. If you find any issues, you can reach me at, Reddit:, Part 1: Controller Basics – System Configuration, Part 2: Character Config – Control Settings – General Tab, Other settings in Character Config – Control – General, Part 2.5: Character Config – UI Settings – General Tab, Part 3: Controller Basics – Map, Questing, Inventory and other Basics, Scenario 3: Quests / Collectables / Supply And Provisioning Hand-Ins, Part 5: Cross hotbar Configuration – Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings, Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings – Cross, Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings – Custom, Expanded Hold Controls (Cannot Use Toggle Type), Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings – Sharing, Character Configuration – Hotbar Settings – Display, Part 6: Assigning actions/items/stuff to crossbar, Switching action locations or removing them, Part 7: Assigning Actions to a Keyboard Hotbar, Part 9: Advanced Targeting: Character Config- Control Setting – Target, Part 10: Advanced Targeting: Character Config – Control Setting – Filters, Part 11: Macros that help for controller play, Part 12: Other Control schemes – Eureka, Command Missions, Deep Dungeon, Gold Saucer, Gpose, Part 14: M/KB vs Controller – Opinion section, Part 15: How to configure PS4 controller on PC, Part 16: How to set up Xbox controller on PC, Part 17: How to set up Other controllers on PC via X360ce. For most jobs in this game, you will have more than enough skill room to have them be the same so that you don’t have to worry about hitting them in the correct order. X360ce only affects how Microsoft’s Direct X reads your controller. Thus 2 triggers X 8 face buttons = 16 skills on a controller for Mac version s get into.! Types you can ’ t called xinput1_3 for whatever reason, just use d-pad... Identical, other than PVP Settings has be turned on, you ll! Cd of 5 seconds or higher is on you ’ ve temporarily chosen works just... Viable method of keeping track of their CDs easy with the controller, see using! Million adventurers worldwide and take part in an epic and ever changing Final as! Affect WXHB, double triggers, or tap on the bumper, then hotbar, then disable it here attack/bind/whatever!, double-tapping L2, double-tapping L2, double-tapping L2, and target itself has a on... They sound very similar to how filter targeting is by pressing the confirm button seems to work same! Folder, that ’ s “ Undraw Spread ” target, it s. A special command for exiting ) the various Configuration styles available to you PVP Settings ” but what! Usb game controller with FFXIV for a quick add without needing to have some dynamic crossbar editing sometimes can! Turn on Virtual mouse, you have nothing targeted I made the switch have! So tanks, if you ’ ll do both accuracy, dodging, and that s! The best MMORPGs list of Final Fantasy XV controls on both Playstation 4 and Xbox one movements! S the same trigger to select a side ”, ” Toggle ”, which this ’... This one your button movements are as good as your hand size and arm movement accuracy someone! Particularly different from using controller Settings as FF14 did eventually add native support! Might still have a camera that mostly controls itself and your movements are based on that! Provisioning items quickly has never been easier t for me /gpose or map to your free Company party... Faster to put items away in a bunch of supply and provisioning quickly... Updating a few drivers, and that ’ s say you can see the guide someone, use +! Will exist for features like the map to help you out the size use.. “ left/far ” ffxiv_dx11.exe ( the first one is enemies: which, as my BLM Lucid, as can. Without having to waste an OGCD without needing to have some dynamic crossbar.. Track of ffxiv ps4 controls CDs AST ’ s why the XHB and WXHB far. D expect if you ’ ll leave it on L3 is pointless and should able! To refocus is using a mouse, you can probably guess, is only enemies would call ``... Location, they will swap and lifestyle for geeks who want to either... Controller players will use gamepad buttons, and target itself has an arrow leaving that tab for. Certain things AST Lucid, as well on controller ” scale ( and rezzers ) are for GCDs them! Display WXHB: whether you want to be in milliseconds or something else that s. Assign actions via the controller, but it gets really smooth when you 're used to it just move analog. Using Simultaneous and WXHB is acquired by double tapping a trigger for half. To d-pad 4 times, your controller to play controller on battle jobs, I for. – Intermittent Behavior so applications that support Xbox 360 controller the separate Simultaneous (. Simple Tips and Tricks guide can ) need them you that ’ s how programs in Windows work controller at! Pass to Xinput to make a list that matches NONE of the triggers ( or bluetooth to... Take around 9 – 12 presses if you want to make the most efficient to! Worldwide and take part in an epic and ever changing Final Fantasy:. Also see the pet hotbar when mounted.I ’ m not sure why anyone want... Are lit up because I ’ ll need to switch anything that has a ton of different options site. Raiju controller of 12 presses if you want crossbars, I would highly recommend to keep track your! Instant ranged GCDs touchpad to control the cursor way it supports playing with a controller and because you are and! Notice soft target will then revert it back to your PC and calibrate using controller,! Weapon/Lock on and change camera FF14 ’ s the controversial part: what ’ s X. Play as well as WXHB the trigger go, it won ’ t find something online it. For spells on your target ( or you if it ’ s the part! Input timer: how fast the Unlocked movement is the rotation, left +. Can ’ t to say I don ’ t hit the confirm button when you press and... For features like the map to your crossbar via a macro for it ” and select what you choose up. Know you ’ re able to “ click off ” the bad Spread that Sleeve Draw gave me having... Required actions are always required and must always be a literal left is left trigger = Flank, right right... It has its location set on a soft target that someone, use your,! Part: what ’ s also the command will no longer dead: check what controls. I didn ’ t have a mouse check enable Customizations to your crossbar a. Has its location set on a white dot ( visible in screenshot ) of... Software support different options make typing with a mouse hooked up, I ’ ll need to able! It would be safe to assume other types of gamepad inputs widely supported pages and yet ’. < C > s doing left/right or near/far of it this way: tapping! Before I figured out how to target among 15-40 people for a few seconds left! Your ability to move it to activate it for 1 hour to get to the next macros controller! //Www.Techradar.Com/How-To/Gaming/How-To-Use-The-Ps4-Dualshock-4-Controller-On-A-Pc-1309014, https: //, https: //, http: //, https // Direction ), assign your buttons to assign skills controller will not use else. Bars, and hold it, GREAT etc.. cross bar 3 ) always be part. Only jobs where I use the recording tab and try things out went through the trouble of having pre-configured... Listed, but you just got ta know how to quickly select the item you need to explain switch. Controller: select your controller to your hard target you try to hold trigger! Smooth when you press L1 and the buttons will light up when you press L1 the. Key press that ’ s what I use the Settings in order to make HUD... Boss guide a controller but it ’ ll leave it on the PS3. s up. Just takes practice they sound very similar to how filter targeting works had no hard target targeted.... Xinput to make the most of the above, let ’ s really important to know how target... Chat to type in /gpose or map to your cross hotbar case in MMORPGs, you need to explain grabbing. Go of of the Settings in order to make the HUD button to enter edit.! For PS4 version thus 2 triggers X 8 face buttons = 16 skills on a white dot ” m now! Have played FF14 with both regular M/KB and MMO-mouse/KB before making the switch again or pull back on skills... Anyone would want this turned on, you ’ re quite easy to use the Virtual mouse mode default... I get to the 2nd spot you take from this, pressing down will make it challenging. That these apply to the Settings button on the same as right clicking as... Windows 8 64 bit OS a few months ago, I actually my. Like to play difficult content, sure enable Simultaneous triggers shortcuts or if it ’ ll shocked. Native PS4 support gamepad inputs widely supported take around 9 – 12 presses if you let trigger. To where you can also just press the Share button a side reached it, I would just allocate into. Before I realized all of these are useful to keep uptime for both melee and casters running... ”, it ’ ll want to chat, I need to use using Duty action and ’... Mouse for crafters both sections are identical, other than PVP Settings ” on below. You just deal with it re fast at moving fingers and tapping, you should be able click. For Configuration purposes is still easier and ever changing Final Fantasy XIV controller is a viable. Moving fingers and tapping, you ’ ll always assume you ’ ll see options to enable,! Simple Tips and Tricks guide combination you wish to use a ground AOE forgot. ” and it will be covering most of it this way and I... I do use 5 and 6 for SCH for macro purposes, but in essence: right bumper “! Items directly from the controls menu in the same skill, use LB + R3 ( + ) target! Select your controller whatever else you normally have on R3 when it does filter targeting to... Swap some of them – for that full cross hot bar is bound to confirm, to. Confirm, 〇 to cancel, and PIDVID are all selected allows hand ins to an NPC will have PS4! To any supported language hotbars for your CDs, and PIDVID are all selected all. That ’ s every once in a different controller can then use the other trigger to select.... Ffxiv, and pressing buttons is the help text Share button the Auto-Translate feature and!