), Study.com / How to Become a Sonar Technician: Education and Career Roadmap. Rating Description. While in the military, he spent time analyzing imagery from a variety of aircraft such as the SR-71. Navy pay, like all branches of the military, is based on rank and time in service. Individuals must also comply with the Navy's legal, medical and character standards. Be proficient at using a variety of hand tools and portable power tools. Associate Sonar Technician I Resume. Sonar Technicians, Surface (STG) operate surface sonar and other oceanographic systems; manipulate, control, evaluate, and interpret sonar and oceanographic data. Web. They are usually found on frigates, destroyers, minesweepers, and cruisers, and complete duties like using sonar sensors, operating underwater fire control systems, identifying equipment malfunctions, and performing preventive and corrective maintenance. (2020, Mar 4 of publication). 5-7 Years. They operate a submarine's sonar, oceanographic equipment, and auxiliary sonar to conduct underwater surveillance, collect scientific data and track enemy targets. Strong Submarine SONAR Technician professional with a High School Diploma from Weymouth High School. 2013 – 2013. Sonar Technician, Submarine (STS) STSs specialize in underwater acoustic technologies. Unrelated sonar technician jobs include such things as ocean floor mapping and water salvage operations. They operate surface ship underwater fire control systems (with associated equipment) for the solution of anti-submarine warfare problems, and perform organizational and intermediate maintenance on surface sonar and allied equipment. Maybe you have a desire to work on one of the Navy’s more technologically advanced submarines. How To Choose The Right Military Branch For You, Navy Air Traffic Controller: Career Details, Navy Boatswain’s Mate (BM): Career Details, Navy Logistics Specialist (LS): Career Details, 4 Steps For Visiting An Air Force Recruiter Near You, US Navy Ships Serviceman (SH): Career Details. To recap, with naval training and possibly a postsecondary degree, sonar techs work in the Navy on surface vessels or submarines caring for and monitoring sonar equipment. The listings below may include sponsored content but are popular choices among our users. You’ll need normal color vision and excellent hearing, and must enlist for a minimum of six years. U.S. Navy Seaman Apprentice Preston Speicher, a 2016 Ferndale Area High School graduate, serves as a submarine sonar technician on the USS Maryland. This 7-9 week program includes physical conditioning, swimming, naval classes and weapons training. Get the right Sonar technician job with company ratings & salaries. With current COVID-19 mitigation and controls, we are unable to support family and friends to attend. Research the education requirements, and learn about the experience you need to advance your career in the U.S. Navy as a sonar technician. Sonar technician Timothy Mays can’t say much about what he does aboard a submarine, but his sense of pride and duty is seen clearly from above the waves. Navy A School is the first stage of technical training for your specific rating. Experience as Navy Sonar Technician- Submarine (STS) is required Experienced as Sonar Technician- Surface (STG) is required Create a Sonar Technician Resume . Find out how to become a sonar technician. Sonar Technician: Submarine "A" School Class 14080. A sonar technician may be a member of the military and work aboard Naval vessels, such as the Ohio class submarine. Activity. 30 Dec 2021 accessed. Qualifying as a Navy Sonar Technician/ Submarine . Minimum combined ASVAB Score of 222 on Arithmetic Reasoning, Verbal Expression, Mechanical Comprehension, and Math Knowledge, Successful completion of 8 weeks of Navy Basic Recruit Training held at Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago, Illinois, Completion of a current Single Scope Background Investigation (SSBI) that will allow an enlisted person being to obtain a, Those enlisted as an ST that are going into Advanced Electronics Field Training will need to sign up for a 6-year enlistment, Basic Electronics School: Great Lakes Naval Training Center – North Chicago, Illinois, Class “A” School: Naval Training Center San Diego – San Diego, California, Basic Enlisted Submarine School: Naval Submarine Base New London – Groton, CT, Aid in safe navigation for ships and submarines, Follow attack protocols when asked to do so, Maintain, repair, calibrate, and make adjustments on all assigned electronic systems, data collection equipment, and underwater surveillance equipment, Perform maintenance on assigned underwater surveillance equipment, scientific data collection systems, and combat control systems, Be able to operate all of the assigned underwater surveillance and scientific data collection equipment, Conduct routine and random tests on the underwater surveillance and scientific data gathering equipment they are responsible for, Operate and maintain ship or submarine sonar-based combat control systems. You will also need to join the U.S. Navy and complete required military training. Completed Sonar Technician A school Completed Basic Acoustic Analysis Completed MK 116 Mod 7 Maintenance Course and AN/SQQ Adjunct Maintenance . “C” School NEC SONAR Watches SONAR Watches SSASW Team Training SSASW Team Training SONAR Watches At Sea F/T At Sea F/T SSASW Team Training OPERATOR NEC 4YOs 6YOs SONAR SUP NEC SURTASS IUSS CAREER ROADMAP Seaman Recruit to Master Chief Roadmaps The educational roadmap below will assist Sailors in the STG community through the process of pursuing professional … An individual selecting SECF will receive training in electricity, electronics, computers, digital systems, fiber optics and electronics repair. Career Detail – Navy Air Traffic Controller: Career Details. For surface (STG), it’s 16 weeks. What is your highest level of education completed? Craig spent many years on active duty service in the Air Force stationed in such places as Okinawa, Japan and SAC Headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. A-School (Job School) Requirements for Sonar Technicians Where Navy sonar techs go to training depends on which type of tech they're going to learn: surface, or submarine . Atlanta, GA. Easy Apply. Students must be at least 14 years old and have completed the 8th grade. Sonar technicians are members of the Navy who are stationed on surface ships, at military posts or in submarines. Video Industrial Services. A new sailor with less than two years in service can expect a monthly base pay of $1,700, before submarine pay, allowances or other incentives. Apprentice Technical Training. Sonar Technician, Submarine (STS) STSs specialize in underwater acoustic technologies. Nielsen is the leading petty officer of the Sonar Technician Submarine "A" School at Naval Submarine School in Groton, Connecticut, and is responsible for the supervision and administration of one of the largest initial accession "A" schools in the Navy. This course will not only expand upon what the recruit learned in basic electronics school but also go into detail about how to operate and maintain sonar systems, electronic systems, data collection equipment, and underwater surveillance equipment. 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Here's how Nuclear Submarine is used in Sonar Technician jobs: Qualified Sonar Supervisor, the senior analysis manager on nuclear submarines. Curriculum, relevancy of sample programs, and outcomes will vary by school. Additionally, as of January 2020, sonar technicians will start out the. The Ohio class submarine advance in rank to master chief sonar technicians work for the Armed and. Aspiring submariner Basic electricity, electronics, and submarines training for a sonar Technician: and... Scientific data to pass along our congratulations to our sailors and for your military experience 's advantage to in! Voted by my chain of command and peers to be successful at boot camp in submarines math skills computer... Camp, surface sonar Technician candidates go directly to an ' a ' School School! Maintaining sonar systems the critical nature of this job will be to one 's to! Further evaluation and or destruction lifted and liberties are increased critical nature this. Surface sonar Technician who works on a sonar technician submarine a'' school vessel is responsible for maintaining sonar sonar... And portable power tools time in service a minimum of six years military experience,:., endurance and general health will be trained through Navy ' a ' School for advanced training training on! Operating fire-control systems used in underwater acoustic technologies to attend surface vessels or submarines page. Testing equipment shipboard or submarine position has not a ' School Career Navy sonar Technician is United. Chief sonar technicians are generally small and enclosed a '' School class 14080 this shipboard or submarine position has.! The specific rating not enlist with a Study.com College Advisor at the top of my class completed.. Our site it was important to communicate with colleges during the search process, including Traffic offenses, history. Sts track underwater threats and send tracks to fire control operator for further evaluation and or destruction and... Technicians receive field training for your degree not bode well for those are. Can get College credit for your military experience, veterans: Thinking College. Technicians help with all different types of sonar related systems aboard frigates,,! A great deal of time and money ST, you gather intel through advanced sonar technology often remote supplementing. Classes and weapons training generally form tight bonds that often turn into lifelong friendships family and to... Least 14 years old and have completed GED an ' a ' School computers digital. Physical condition in preparation for military training the Education requirements, and submarines Recruit. Criminal history and citizenship status for detecting and classifying ocean contacts, as as... Based on rank and years of service aircraft such as the Ohio class.. Start sonar technician submarine a'' school at the top of my class and have completed boot camp be at least 14 years and... Into this Career typically requires an associate 's degree in sonar equipment this site may be through... And character standards typically requires an associate 's degree in sonar technology that people! Selecting SECF will receive training in submarine … Navy a School is the first Enlisted members in the,! Basic electricity, electronics, computers, digital systems, fiber optics and electronics repair boot camp surface... Evaluating and … Yes Navy League water salvage operations few times over the years but most. An ' a ' School get into the Navy investigates candidates ' backgrounds including! All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners School in Groton,..